About De’Qi

Why are we different?

We live in an age of medical procedure and protocol that is quick to divide the person up into parts, pinpoint a local issue, and then prescribe drugs to “fix” it, often leaving the individual to suffer side effects and relapses. This compartmentalization has even spread to many alternative methods of treatment. But nature does not compartmentalize, everything in nature is connected, and so is the human body.

What makes De’Qi Health unique is the way we listen, and support the human being behind the issues they come in with. In other words, we look at the whole individual. For those who are in discomfort, we say, you are not just a symptom. Everyone has life circumstances  that makes them a unique case – and that’s the key to really finding out how to help someone.

As we address the individual, not just the conditions, not only does you pain subside, but You get better in ways you probably never expected. When you come in to see us, together we’ll be working toward real “health”, and not just the management of “symptoms”.

De’Qi Health
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