Monique Rivera, L.Ac.

Monique Rivera is a New York City acupuncturist at DeQi Health in Manhattan.

Monique Rivera is a New York State Licensed Acupuncturist.  She received her MS degree from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York and graduated with NCCAOM Board Certification.

During her time at Pacific College she discovered that the practice of Dahnhak (commonly known in the US as Qi Gong) was an excellent way for her to manage her health and well-being while enduring the rigors of graduate school and a full-time job.  She was amazed to find herself experiencing the feeling of joy while doing simple mindful movements, and it quickly became one of her favorite things.  Not long after graduation, her enthusiasm for Dahnhak led her to take a job in Seoul. South Korea teaching at an English academy which integrated the Qi Gong exercises and meditation as part of the daily curriculum.

Spending 18 months steeped in East Asian culture was an invaluable experience for Monique to gain a deeper understanding of its ancient medical system.  During her time there she developed a persistent cough upon returning from a weekend jaunt to Osaka, Japan and sought the help of an acupuncturist.  Under the care of Master Jang, Monique not only made a quick and full recovery, but was left with a clear vision of the kind of acupuncturist she wanted to be, thanks to the excellent care she received.  Elegant and effective treatments, with the gentlest needling, given by a practitioner who had cultivated a calm inner strength–  this was the high standard she wanted to uphold as an acupuncturist.  She apprenticed with Master Jang for two months before returning to New York to resume her acupuncture career.  That was almost ten years ago.

Though most of her experience since then has been treating musculoskeletal and chronic pain, she enjoys treating various other conditions as well,  And no matter the condition, she is always conscious to do what she can to help ease any stress, anxiety or emotional upset her patients may be undergoing, as she strongly believes that relaxation is essential to the healing process.

Monique is very proud to have found a new home at De’Qi Health, where high standards are evident, and a kindred spirit in Lida Ahmady, its wise and resplendent leader.