What patients are saying…

“To say that Lida changed my life would be an understatement. I never tried acupuncture before and I had a lot of preconceived notions about it. I quickly realized how wrong those ideas were and how the treatments go way deeper than the needles. Lida worked with me on my fertility, balance, prenatal care, vitamins, and also heart body and soul work. Basically, a whole body experience! Lida is my feminine guru! I’ve never felt healthier or more balanced in my life. Thanks to the supplements and treatments I never had one day of nausea or pain throughout my entire pregnancy. Lida also guided me on better nutritional options,in addition to being a great mommy resource.  Lida is knowledgeable, nurturing, and precise with her execution. Its not a one size fits all with her. It’s definitely a personalized experience and for me the results speak for themselves. The office is clean, warm and super comfortable. The other team members are extremely helpful, very polite and prompt with returning emails and phone calls. I’m grateful for the introduction to De’Qi Health and awesome service. I trust Lida and her team implicitly.”

Kindra H

“I was first introduced to Lida a few years ago and have been recently introduced to Daniel Camburn this year. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to them for the work they do. As an osteopathic physician– and resident in Obstetrics I have a grasp of healing on different levels. It is refreshing to have whole body practitioners who really look at every aspect of your life in order to make it better. I have autoimmune disease, Stage IV endometriosis and infertility and I cannot say enough about the care and support I have gotten from Lida and Daniel over the years. 

They not only provide Accupuncture and eastern medicine/healing- they work with you to the root of your problems and also socially to eliminate or better deal with other life stresses that may affect your health. I see a Reproductive Endocrinologist and take several hormones and medications and it does not phase or cause a reaction from Lida and Daniel. Instead they are able to work and mesh both Eastern and Western therapies to help you both heal and achieve your goals. 

To me they are like family- and a huge support I have needed over these years. I hope to have a similar openness and philosophy in my OB-GYN practice one day soon.
Above all they are healers- with wisdom, openness and the ability to work with you individually to customize a plan for wellness.”

Karli P

“I am always amazed at how Daniel can weave together my signs and symptoms with an understanding that is truly holistic in nature. Bringing together the body, mind, and soul in a way that can easily explain the pattern of disease, and then being able to explain that to me is greatly appreciated.”

Jessica U

“Monique is soft spoken and calm. She’s able to identify the areas in need of healing by holding a short conversation with me. On several occasions I met her with intense headaches and shoulder pain. My level of stress was high during my recovering period. Monique was able to work my pain & stress area. She’s sympathetic & informative about my pain and healing process.”

Jewel D

“If you are looking for the best that alternative medicine has to offer look no further. I have been going to Lida for treatment for many years. She has helped me tremendously through everything from PMS to pregnancy and child birth to alleviating symptoms from chemotherapy. I appreciate the way she continues to research and discover new techniques and ideas and how her treatment plans evolve and adapt based on what I’ve needed. No cookie cutter treatments here! Simply put, she is the best at what she does.”

Helia L

“Lida changed my life. I was suffering from severe allergies for over 12 years before she started working with me. I was unable to sleep. I could not eat out with friends without getting up from the table several times to blow my nose. I had severe asthma and could not breathe. I had a nebulizer and took steroid inhalers. I had even gotten to a point where I was taking triple the dose of Zyrtec and Allegra all year round and it did not help me. When I consulted several doctors and allergists, they said there was nothing they could do for me. I was desperate and felt that I needed to try a different route if I wanted to be healed.
In our first session, Lida looked into my eyes, had me stick out my tongue and suggested some life style changes that would help alleviate my health concerns. With herbal medicine and acupuncture she was able to illuminate my symptoms and resolve my extremely complex health issues in the course of a year and half.
Today, I take no medication. I go in quarterly for a tune up and only take one herbal pill during peak allergy season. I am forever grateful to her for my health.”

Sagine V

De’Qi Health is the place to go if you really care about your life, your body and your soul. Doctors are trained to push medications, and their main issue is that they DO NOT LISTEN TO THE PATIENT. A patient knows his/her body better than anyone else. With Lida, I not only found a healer, but I found a friend and someone I love dearly with all of my heart. 

I had a wide array of issues in life. I had hayfever since I was a kid, and I was going through stress beyond words living with a sick husband who had end stage renal failure. I had given so much of my life, time, spirit and love to my husband, that I did not end of taking care of myself. I was losing my hair, I had so much stress it caused pain in different parts of my body and even the food I was consuming was all wrong. Lida showed me how I can take of my husband and take care of myself too. She taught me that if I don’t take care of myself, I will be useless to those I want to help. 

I have referred so many people to see Lida because she is what at true human being is. Immediately in her presence you will feel light and happy. Her smile and face will light up the room and you will immediately feel like you’re in the best hands possible for your health, for your life. You can tell her anything and she will be there for you as a genuine person. The staff at De’Qi health is equally amazing. The office is very welcoming and relaxing. And the treatments really calm the mind.

Lida had definitely changed my life. Hayfever is thing of the past in my life. I used to have plantar facitas in my foot, and that’s gone (no more yearly injections in my foot), my hair is growing back, and I have been taking care of myself a lot more than I did before, and I truly could not have done it without Lida. But remember, you must give yourself credit too, because without your willingness, success is not possible.

I love you Lida and I endorse you as the best acupuncturist and healer New York City.

Helen Y

The first time I met Lida I cried my eyes out because I had been trying to conceive for a long time without success. She smiled at me. 6 months later I was pregnant.

For me, it is not only about her being a great acupuncturist, it is also about her loving manners, her deep wisdom, her intuition. I felt immediately supported. Her skillful hands and sweet guidance allowed me to trust the process and I ended up working with her throughout my entire pregnancy and postpartum too. I could not be more grateful that I met her!

Nina W

Lida Ahmady is a powerful yet gentle healer. She has brought me from down and out to fully engaged and joyful many times in my life. She has cured me of flus, viruses, pinched nerves, and Fibromyalgia and Epstein Barr. And takes away my self doubts and repressed anger and fear. She is magical! Do your self a huge favor and go take a rest from the stress and get reset. You will be healthier, wealthier, and wiser when you leave. I promise!

Halle L